No Physician Ever Thinks That They Could be Disabled Someday. What Will You Do if it Happens to You?

You went into the medical profession to help others get better. But what if one day you’re the one that needs the care? Every physician needs disability insurance. It’s the only way to cover your assets should you become disabled or injured and unable to perform in your career.

With physical demands imposed on you daily, you have a much greater risk of becoming disabled in some way. This can impact the income you earn. You might still be in school now, but this is the best time to start your coverage to protect your future earnings, by locking in your student resident discounts and your current health to purchase the very best policy.

You might think you’re covered with your group policy from your residency program, but these programs usually don’t give you the important riders of an individual disability policy. A group policy may require that you be completely disabled and unable to work at all before doling out benefits. Some policies even state that if they find a job that the carrier thinks you can work in then you must take the job and forfeit your coverage. That benefit might even be taxable income that you’re stuck with if your employer is covering the premiums.

Start now with a plan during your training and you’ll get your rates guaranteed to the age of 65. That means what you pay now stays the same. Your contract can’t be changed or canceled by the insurance carrier- regardless of your health. Getting true-own occupation coverage is the only way to get this disability insurance to ensure your success and health for years to come.

Why put in all this work and have nothing to show for it years down the line? With Drs Choices, you get complete peace of mind that any disability won’t bring your career or your financial earnings to a screeching halt. Whether you’re an Emergency Room physician, Cardiologist, Internist, Obstetrician, or any other type of physician, you can get the financial security and coverage you need with disability insurance through Drs. Choices.

Get true-own occupation disability insurance and get covered should you become disable and unable to perform the duties of your occupation. It pays you benefits as long as you’re disabled, even if you are able to work full-time doing something else. The best investment you can make in your career is to protect yourself with this type of insurance.

Our independent advisers can help you find the right disability insurance carrier to give you the coverage you need. You’ll be presented with different and unbiased options so you can choose which fits your life best and get the full coverage you need.

You made a wise choice to go into a career that helps others, but if you become disabled either temporarily or permanently, who will take care of you? We at Drs Choices will! Contact us today to get your disability insurance coverage!

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