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Personal information should be exactly that – personal. At Dr’s Choices, we completely understand that your birth date, medical history, and other sensitive items should be treated with absolute security. Since we must collect this information for your quote request for disability insurance or life insurance, we are extremely careful when we take your confidential information. We also only collect the information necessary to get you the best policy for your needs.

Licensed Across the USA

Dr’s Choices employs financial professionals licensed in all 50 states as well as D.C. We are legally licensed to sell the insurance you need as well as provide sound advice to assist you with making the right decision for your unique situation.

Safe and Secure SSL Certificate

Dr’s Choices doesn’t take chances with your trust. This is why our site is completely secured with an SSL Certificate. With an SSL, it forms a secure channel for all information to pass safely, including usernames, passwords, and personal information. This information is scrambled by a virtually-unbreakable encryption that hackers can’t access. Look for our verification seal below as proof that we protect your private information. Click on that seal and you’ll be taken to the GoDaddy personalized Verification Page.

Certified by McAfee SECURE

Another seal you’ll find on our site is the official McAfee SECURE Certification. When you click it, it will show if there are malicious links or malware, confirm that the SSL Certificate is valid, and detect phishing. Securing your credentials while helping you secure the best policy is our mission at Dr’s Choices.

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