Are you prepared to protect your career as you move out from residency and into an attending position? Drs Choices is here to help you with the disability insurance coverage you need to protect you in your esteemed career.

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Here’s Why Every Fellow Needs Disability Insurance Coverage

You’re finished with med school and now the fun begins. As you move into attending physician territory, you’re finally going to reap the income rewards you’ve been working so hard for. Imagine that new car, a beautiful home to raise a family in, enjoying the finer things in life.

But what if something were to happen to you? An accident or serious illness could leave you with short or long term disabilities that will deplete your savings and destroy everything you’ve built up. That’s why Drs Choices specializes in helping fellows obtain the right tailor-made disability insurance policies to protect them should something happen.

The Best Time for Disability Coverage is Right Now

If you want to save the most, signing up now while you’re in your fellowship is the best way to do it. You can lock in low rates while you’re young and healthy. Rates are higher after you complete your fellowship. And the best part is you can secure future increases in benefits that match your growing income down the line.

With a future rider in place, you won’t have to undergo more health questioning so even if a negative health event arises, you will still get that extra coverage you need. There are also riders for student loans so you don’t get sacked with debt up to your eyeballs should you have a disability down the line.

Drs Choices helps fellows by finding the right disability insurance coverage that can grow with your needs as your career evolves. Don’t wait until it’s too late! We have competitive rates for the coverage that fits your life. Protecting doctors. It’s all we do. Let us protect you today!

Why You Need Disability Coverage Starting in Residency

Drs Choices provides a safety net that keeps you covered so you can meet your financial needs if ever anything were to happen to lead you to a disability. These plans can be custom-tailored to your needs and can be updated to evolve with you as you move through your career. The best part though is that the rates are lowest for those that are young and healthy so your residency years are the ideal time to lock this protection in.

Disability insurance comes in several categories and it’s important to understand what the terms mean. Your best choices will either be “own occupation” or “own specialty.” If you’re going into something like neurosurgery, “own specialty” is a must because it allows you to draw benefits if your disability only means you are unable to practice in the field of your expertise.

As a resident, you should also look for medical school loan payment options and future benefit increase options. It’s often the case that disability insurance only covers the income you make at the time you activate a policy. With a future option, you can increase the benefits you’d receive as your income rises even if there are changes to your health that could make an impact on new coverage.

This is absolutely the best time to get your coverage. Drs Choices knows how to help you best with that. We specialize in creating customized solutions during your residency and down the road in the way of long-term disability income. We have the expertise to match you with the coverage that fits your needs for the most effective disability insurance plans with competitive rates. Protecting doctors. It’s all we do. Let us protect you today!

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